We are a software company operating at the intersection of artificial intelligence and data science. Our specialty is to gather, structure and leverage business-relevant data.

We developed a flexible technology stack for data mining, information extraction and data analysis that puts the human at the center.

We run an efficient infrastructure to gather structured and unstructured business-relevant data like company profiles, news, patents, portfolios and websites.

We built an information extraction framework based on latest natural language processing technology. It is capable of handling uncertain beliefs and making accurate predictions utilizing rapid machine teaching.

We developed a set of analytics applications that detect trends, recognize patterns and understand interdependencies in data. Using data visualizations, machine learning interpretability techniques and feedback mechanisms, we empower users to track, understand and influence the AI.

We build our own products and custom software for clients with a focus on solutions that reveal insights from public and internal data.

We built a tool for our friends from A Color Bright that discovers trends and monitors brand coverage in the coolest music blogs for Red Bull.

We gathered and analyzed hundreds of thousands of startup profiles to help Audi identifying hotspots for various mobility key technologies.

12K INDEX is a tech media attention analyzer that lets you compare the coverage of up to five topics in the leading tech media outlets. Check it out.

12K FILTER is a collection of algorithmically curated newsletters on topics like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Cybersecurity. Subscribe here.

We prototyped a search engine for market data that lets you find business-relevant information on any topic in a blink. Check the prototype.

12K is a Berlin-based software company founded by Dr. Jan Tewes Thede and Christoph Schwienheer. 12K is also the distance in miles from which you can first see the entire earth.

We believe in fluid structures and always put together the perfect team for every project. We love sophisticated algorithms but prefer practicable solutions. We worked for various clients from boutique agencies to global corporations.

Get in touch at hi@12k.co and follow us on Twitter @12kresearch